Bedford Chiropractic Clinic is a team of professionals, providing you with cutting-edge pain management and wellness care.

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, that may help answer some questions you may have.

If you can’t find an answer to a question you may have on our FAQ page, then feel free to get in touch here. Or feel free to check out more videos that may help you manage your pain here.

What Happens During My Consultation?

Your consultation is an opportunity for us to diagnose the root of your pain, so that we can offer an effective and efficient treatment plan. You can book a chiropractic consultation & discounted examination and scan today!

You’ll be greeted by our friendly team and treated to cake & a hot drink, whilst you fill out a short medical history form. Then we’ll carry out:

  • a detailed chat of your medical history, where we listen closely to any injuries/conditions you may have, alongside any lifestyle choices that may be affecting your health.
  • Thorough body examination to find the cause of your pain

If we feel that another treatment method is better suited, then we can refer you to the appropriate specialist. Typically, your consultation will be around an hour long. We recommend that you wear something loose & comfortable.

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What is Chiropractic?


The Bedford Chiropractic Clinic offers holistic healthcare that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, pain relief & prevention of mechanical disorders of joints, particularly those of the spine, & their effects on the nervous and muscular systems.

Utilising manual therapy including:

  • spinal manipulation/adjustments
  • joint & soft tissue manipulation

all in a non-invasive & drug-free manner.

Chiropractic also includes corrective exercises, health and lifestyle counselling.

If you are experiencing pain or injury, need your posture corrected or simply want to prevent ill health – then this may be for you!

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Who is Chiropractic Suitable For?

Chiropractic is suitable for people of all ages!

Chiropractors are trained to safely and effectively treat pregnant women, babies from birth, children and adults up to the very elderly. Our treatment techniques are tailored to you and your needs. Your age, size and condition are all taken into account.

It’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your body and your health.

The Bedford Chiropractic Clinic have more than 25 years’ experience transforming lives with chiropractic.

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Will an Adjustment Hurt?

A chiropractic adjustment at the Bedford Chiropractic Clinic involves the use of hands or a small tool, called an activator. By this, we are improving dysfunctional joints, your body’s function, restoring mobility, and relieving pain. Also, this may be where you hear the harmless (and not painful!) ‘cracking’ sound.

Not only does an adjustment provide corrective changes for where it is directly applied, but also benefits the surrounding nervous system (CNS).

By keeping it aligned, it enables the CNS to communicate more effectively to optimise your body’s function.

Imagine a safety pin. When open, the pin is not fully connected or aligned, therefore not performing its function. However, when the safety pin is closed, it is all connected and aligned so can effectively function.

Do you need an adjustment?

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Where is The Bedford Chiropractic Clinic?

The Bedford Chiropractic Clinic is in Bedford’s town centre. We are based along the high street in Broadway House. Our clinic is next to Indiya restaurant & the open-air Euro Car Parks on the first floor of the Broadway House.

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1st Floor
Broadway House
4-6 The Broadway
MK40 2TE